Before its release, Motorola A920 was called "P800's killer" or "3G dream phone". When some info appeared about this phone everyone was impressed: it had almost all available functions (even GPS). Almost everyone rated the phone 10 out of 10. But after the official release of the phone everyone was shocked phone had no Bluetooth! I was one of those shocked too. How could today's 3G phone, which has such features as touch-sensitive display, built-in camera, USB port, MMC card and almost all other available features have no Bluetooth??? I can't understand what Motorola was thinking about when it was creating this phone. When Bluetooth is becoming more and more popular and many new phones support it, A920 doesn't! Phone should have become "P800's killer" and "most advanced 3G phone". Please forgive us, Motorola's fans, but we don't think that this will happen and phone will make big sales. Ok, enough about phone's disadvantages, it has advantages too. It has a built-in digital camera, touch-sensitive 65 000 color display, USB port, polyphonic ringtones, GPRS, WAP, Java support, MMS support, MP3 player, MPEG4 support, GPS (!) and many other features. It is controlled by Symbian OS. So, that's all. Let's hope that Motorola will release, for example, A925 (or something similar) soon and it will have Bluetooth support. If not, I don't think that this phone will become a hit.

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