NOKIA 6800


       At first "Nokia 6800" stands out with its design. Of course, at first sight phone looks quite usual but it has one interesting feature Ė keyboard can be opened and another keyboard is located under it. This keyboard has all letters and numbers as simple QWERTY keyboard. So SMS maniacs should like this phone. Excluding exclusive keyboard phone supports GPRS, HSCSD, MMS, Java and other functions that became common to many new phones. Phone also has color display (4096 colors). But still and all, for us this phone looked simple and ordinary "Nokia" phone that has little hopes associated with. But this phone should find its buyers, especially those, who like writing SMS's and can afford buying a bit more expensive phone. As to all other phones, it is very difficult to forecast the future of this phone, because mobile phone market is very unpredictable. There were many phones that should have had bright futures, but they didnít get any acceptance from users.

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