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.countless midgets and hobos died in the production of this site.
.may their sweet souls rest in peace.

.roofus the stunt bum is a genius.

.BumFuckKrew for life.

The Lincoln XLT Towncar Bronco LIVES! By some fucked up chance the biggest group of half-tards achieved the impossible and unimaginable.

P.S. Do the world a favor and crossbow a squirrel through the elbow and up to its shoulder puncturing its lung.

I'm so fucking drunk right now. It's so great. Kung Pow is yth funniest ,pvoe ever made. Kenny is dating Lewiw ... meanm. cant type. Andrew should get his ass over here ebfore we driunk all those bberrs. Im lauhghing really l;oud right now. !!!! HA! Kenny is goiung to so graduation party with a MAN. "holy fguvk, my penis is going to blow up" said sam.

David got head from a cripple... you sick son of a bitch.

Hey Kenny, you can shut up now I added something. Its not funny, but deal with it. If you don't like it, eat a fart out of my ass.

.fucking stupid shit happens too much.

I cant even imagine eating 200 nuggets. It must be the greatest experience ever to witness 200 nuggets on a single tray in front of you, waiting to be eaten. I can't even fathom that much nugget. Its mind-boggling...

Dude, I'm loosey goosey. lol....

The other day I was flipping through the channels and I came across the Home Shopping Network. They were selling a $1000 bill for $2,259. Explain that to me.
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