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Andrew "JROOB" DeForest

Head up your ass? Do you look like that? Do you always seem to be in the WRONG DAMN LANE? If you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions, it is possible you are Andrew Deforest (a.k.a. JROOB) and ,in fact, you do have your head up your ass. How can I get my head out of my ass you ask? Its simple, just follow these few, simple rules.

1)Don't get a job where you go by the name slim and have to bring a knife to company meetings with the boss.
2)Never be in the wrong damn lane.
3)Try not backing into other people, I know its hard but baby steps, baby steps...
4)When someone says, "I just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm going to be really bored all this weekend...," DON'T BE FUCKING STUPID!
5)Try not to make fun of people in fast food restaurants. They are always sitting right behind you.

Follow these 5 easy rules and we should get your head out of your ass in no time. Pulling your own head out of your ass is a long and painful process, but never give up. There's always someone there to help.
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