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down in the dumps! ...welcome to parasite.*

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We are a 3, sometimes 4 piece DIY punk rock band from Long Island, New York.
We've been around for some number of years and put out some stuff, toured a bunch, and fucked off a lot.
Thanks for checking us out!

DUMPS NEWS: [04/08]

Hey! We're wrapping things up for the I FARM split 7" which should be out sometime
in May on Dead Broke/Kiss Of Death/No Breaks records!

The LP version of our full-length, "Dumps Luck" is out now on KISS OF DEATH RECORDS
Pick it up from us at the STORE! or buy it from a number of distros like:
Dead Broke, Dirt Cult, Snuffy Smiles, Littletype, No Idea + more!

The 4-way split 7" w/ Potboiler, Fellow Project, Red & Blue is out on Dead Broke Rekerds!
You can buy it from our STORE! or from

(Featuring: Down In The Dumps, Banner Pilot,
The Parasites, Blotto, The Queers, Brickfight, The Measure [SA] & more!)
Get it at the Dead Broke distro here!: Dead Broke Rekerds


We'll screen one for you! (S,M,L,XL,XXL) $6ppd.
We got all kinds of colors! Check out the STORE!

Down in the Dumps/Potboiler/Fellow Project/Red&Blue- 7" (Dead Broke Rekerds)
"Dumps Luck" full length CD/LP (Kiss Of Death Reords) 2007
Down In The Dumps/Tiltwheel- split 7" (A.D.D. Records)
"Fuckin' with Dirty Pipes" Demos 1+2 (Dead Broke)

Dead Broke Tape Comp. Vol.2 (Dead Broke)
Split 7" w/ I FARM (Dead Broke)
Split 7" w/ Learning Disorder (Matzugoru Recordz)
Tour Split 7" w/ Shang-a-Lang (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult)

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