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Since we are all getting to know each other here, I figured that I'd give you a list of things to do during the week, accompanied by a short review of each place. I'll have more extensive reviews coming as the site progresses along.

Night of Week Bar Drink Special Comment
Monday Absolutely Nowhere N/A Monday night suck in the L-P Area
Tuesday Rephil's .50 Cent Drafts of Bud and Bud Light Chavez and Irwin Are Awesome Bartenders and there are tons of whores usually.
Wednesday 9th St. Pub and Sportsmen's Tap .50 Cent Drafts at both places. White Trash Wednesdays Rule!
Thursday Ale Mary's and 9th St. Pub Mary's has Karaoke that draws a crowd, The Pub has $1.00 Big Ass Drafts. Can't lose either way. Ample amount of drunk fucks at both places.
Friday Machelle's Backstreet, Friday's, and Spike's Machelle's is high on their drinks but they have hot bartenders. Friday's and Spike's are both open till three and it's easy pickin's on the drunk chicks around 3 am. Party it up on Friday cause no one really goes out on Saturday's as much anymore. There are always crazy mad afterparties on Friday nights that usually go till like noon the next day. Good stuff.