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 The Historical Dracula Cousin 






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  Name : Kendrick Lee 

 Class : 210 of Year 2005

 Register No : 5

 School : Saint Joseph’s  Institution

 Place of birth : Singapore

 Interst: rearind dogs and dweling on maths sums.

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Character profile: All about Me



No reflection and it is he. Dracula Kendrick, cousin of count dracula he is a Szekelys born in near Transylvanian Alps and this year he is 200 years old . A mysterious tall thin man clean-shaven, except for a long mustache and clad from head to foot in black. The most distingusable part of his appearance are his long sharp canine teeth and its touch, which is of the dead. Every people thinks that he is a villain with immortal powers . At anypoint of time he can turn himself into nearly all sort of things.


As he is a Transylvanian vampire who has been feeding off of the blood of peasants for centuries with Count Dracula. Sir fret and his team of holy warriors has been hunting me down. He is a great warrior and leader of armies ,polite, refined and brilliant . He have supernatural power resistance to many methods of death and has hypnotic power - which make him nearly impossible to defeat. He is the greatest vampire, who in life had been a man of legend. A monster with the unique combination of supernatural powers and extraordinary human characteristics that makes him a threat to humans everywhere. So beware of him !