Candy: where do I begin?
Candy: ok rosa is very very devilish and loves to shock
Candy: constantly was trying to shock her friends
Candy: i know i can tell you about one time with her and tara
Candy: Rosy took tara to this pizza place, rosa knew the guy there and they went up to this VIP section upstairs..
Candy: so Rosy and Tara are eating pizza. than they hear Rosa's guy friend coming up the steps
Candy: Suddenly without warning Rosa jumps into Tara's lap!! Tara was like what the heck? she was really startled to have Rosa suddenly on her lap! The italian guy sees them and Rosa immediately starts making out with Tara!
Candy: Than Rosa says to Tara "you nasty girl! What are you doing? you are sooo naughty!"
Candy: Rosa says to Tara "you nasty girl!"
Candy: "you are so naughty!"
Candy: Tara is still startled and has no idea whtat the hell is going on
Candy: the pizza guy's jaw has dropped
Candy: Rosa is very softly and slowly caressing Tara's face despite the shocked look on her face
Candy: She says something in italiano to her friend who immediately bolts for the steps!
Candy: Tara looks at Rosa astonished and asks her what on earth she said to him. Rosa grins at Tara. He had asked her if she wanted dessert...
Candy: she told him "I'm going to remove her clothes, so im working on dessert! now please leave!"
Candy: haha! true story!!
Candy: that's how Rosa is!!!!
Candy: it's fucking funny but that's to give you insight into how Rosa's personality is
Candy: she also when dining out with tara would do crazy shit to her food
Candy: she would mix up shit that is not supposed to go together on Tara's plate and dare her to eat it
Candy: or she would take food off her plate and than try to put it back after eating it
Candy: haha well Rosa does shit like that!
Candy: ok you want to hear about them when they were at a table with church members and Rosa seriously was bad?
Candy: ok Rosa and tara were in this restaurant with other members of Tara's church. they were at this big table everyone happily chatting away
Candy: suddenly Tara felt a hand slowly go up her leg...she looked to her left and saw the oldest member of the church, a really old guy
Candy: he just smiled at her
Candy: Tara looked to her right at Rosa who was just looking around the room
Candy: She felt the hand move higher up on her leg to her thigh, the hand pulled apart her legs wide...
Candy: Tara felt rosa's eyes on her, she was like whoa!
Candy: Rosa was indeed touching Tara! Rosa cupped Tara's between her legs and started stroking her!
Candy: it took everything in Tara's power not to cry out from shock! She really had to restrain herself cuz of the other church members!!!
Candy: Rosa all the while is sitting there with the biggest smirk on her face while she is she stroking tara's pussy
Candy: Tara a couple of times had to pretend to sneeze or cough because she sucked in her breath or made noises from being so aroused! the guy to her left actually asked if she were ok!
Candy: Tara had NO clue they were anything more than friends until Rosy touched her!
Candy: she than feels Rosa put her hand inside her underwear which almost made her jump from her chair!
Candy: how she didn't scream out she will never know
Candy: so Rosa's got her hand in Tara's underwear just stroking her clit up and down, back and forth, squeezing her pussy and driving her mad! Rosa begins to ask Tara questions! "Tara what's wrong with you girl? you got a cold??"
Candy: just asking her stupid stuff cuz she knows that Tara is having the hardest time trying not to make noises!
Candy: Rosa is doing this on purpose and Tara knew it!
Candy: Rosa has her finger inside her too!
Candy: it's lke absolute TORTURE for Tara, but you know what? no one noticed it!!
Candy: those church folks were just chatting away!
Candy: So while Rosa is deliberately torturing tara, no one noticed a single thing! So Tara is on the brink of cuming
Candy: Rosa leans in knowing she is about to cum and whispers some dirty things in Tara's ear!
Candy: jsut to be mean!
Candy: so this is too much for Tara! She said she came just like that! Everyone at the table stared at them
Candy: Rosa smirked and than glared at Tara she said something like "what's wrong with you girl??"
Candy: Tara got up from the table really really quick and so did Rosa cuz well of the smell...
Candy: they went into the bathroom and Tara really lit it into Rosa. she yelld at her sometthing awful
Candy: Tara said she was sooo mad at her! Rosa is just standing there taking it
Candy: tara said something to push Rosa's button..can't remember what it was..
Candy: but anyway Rosa suddenly unfolded her arms and she quickly went over to Tara shovingher against the wall!
Candy: She spread Tara's legs cornering her putting her mouth to the side of Tara's neck
Candy: She started sucking passionately on tara's neck deliberately trying to give her a hickey!
Candy: she knew tara was a missionary! she knew they would ask why she had a hickey! she was doing it on purpose!
Candy: So Rosa is biting really really hard on Tara's neck. it's hurtin Tara!
Candy: she than goes to the other side of Tara's neck, tara is trying ot break free but Rosa is a tall strong girl you know and she won't let her free!
Candy: so rosa starts sucking on theother side of Tara's neck but it's more sensual..more erotic more deliberately SLOW to drive tara nuts! They hear someone come in! so they like play it cool!
Candy: when the person is gone, Rosa says to Tara "No more for you!" she than washes up and walks away with that catwalk gait she has
Candy: That is soooo the way Rosa is!!! so devilish!!
Candy: she woudd practice giving tara love bites to try to teach her how to give a proper hickey but tara was hopeless
Candy: tara would be only able to give a teeny tiny little mark on Rosa's neck so rosa would always be like "what is this???? a bitty fly on my neck? put some feeling into it girl!"
Candy: when rosa would give tara hickeys to show her how to do it she would always hold her down and hold her face still. so anyway that's the way rosa is!!
Candy: rosa is so funny there is more i could tell too. she is a fukcing riot
Candy: Rosa would talk in "italish" like I do with my friends
Candy: she would sometimes talk to Tara, tara would be generally trying to follow her while she spoke in a combination, than tara wouldn't understand a word and ask her what on earth?? Rosa would say "that's an english word! wake up!!"
Candy: tara is from texas and Rosa would always make fun of her texas accent and texas "isms"
Candy: she would be in one room of Tara's place and yell out "Y'all!!" to Tara
Candy: Tara would be like what are you talking about Rosie?
Candy: that was Rosa making fun of Tara's accent
Candy: she made fun of tara's accent constantly until tara pickd up her accent so she could't make fun of her anymore that much
Candy: anyway don't u dare tell anyone else who likes Rosa what i told you ok?
Candy: it would hurt rosa if that stuff got out
Candy: oh yeah forgot, tara and rosa were in a car, tara said rosa was talking some rubbish and she had NO EARTHLY idea of what she was talking about in italian
Candy: rosy wanted to go somewhere to eat. anyway Tara is starving and says "ok" or something
Candy: than Rosa takes her somehwere and tara is like what the hell?? it's some place where she had NO idea they were going to go
Candy: tara was really pissed she said "Rosie what are you doing???"
Candy: Rosa laughs in her devil way and said "Ha!! you didn't know a thing I say!"
Candy: tara pleaded with Rosa to leave but rosa refused! she said "you agreed so now we have to stay!"
Candy: lol so tara had to eat at this stupid place cuz she agreed!
Candy: she also tortured tara while she was in tara's bed..naughty girl! she is wicked but is a beautiful person really she is
Candy: tara was a MISSIONARY!
Candy: Rosa seduced tara
Candy: butyes rosa was right in Tara's bed!
Candy: right all up behind her too!
Candy: god Rosa is soooo bad it makes me laugh when I see her now
Candy: let's just say tara had things to her that no man did to her
Candy: had things DONE to her that no one had done for her or said
Candy: the story of rosa seducing tara wuld take awhile
Candy: tara almost sent me over the brink when she went invited me into bed with her and Rosa