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Connie Michelle Galbraith
My name is Connie Michelle Galbraith. I have a brother Brian and two sisters Rose and Amanda. I have given birth to 6 children and have given up 3 for adoption. I have never been married to Terry Wayne Knight, the man who fathered 5 of my children. My first child Blaize born 11-10-92, was conceived by a man unknown, I was a stripper at the time and we had sex...... end of story. I have told Blaize that the name of his father is Mike, because I don't know the name of the man and I cant tell my son the truth about my scummy lifestyle. The rest of the children Lindsay born 03-15-94 (adopted) Morgan  born 04-26-96(I kept), Kelley born 02-09-98 (adopted) Phillip born 06-01-01(I kept) and Jack 05-15-03(adopted)I have taken over 10 thousand dollars from 4 couples promising them the last baby boy Jack that I was carrying he was born on May 15th 2003 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Those 4 couples were promised this child and I did not tell any of them about each other nor did I place the child with them. I was looking for a higher bidder and just using the other couples for financial gain and so I didn't have to work throughout my pregnancy. I purchased a minivan with the funds I recieved. I have not repaid any of these people. I was also going to give my now 2 year old son Phillip up for adoption, but changed my mind after he was born,after receiving much assistance from the adoptive parent, Julie. Julie who was going to adopt Phillip also adopted my son Kelley. So now have I burned her too I don't get to see or have contact with my son Kelley even though we had an agreement to an open adoption. I still have contact with Linda the adoptive mother of Lindsay, because she has since moved to Sarasota from the East Coast. She thinks I am a horrible waste of a person because I have been jailed and on welfare and will not do anything to better myself. I continually tell people I am a "real worker" but really I have no intrest when I get money from everyone else. I should feel terrible and should apologize to everyone for all my wrong doings but I don't know any better because I am a diagnosed bipolar and am a compulsive liar. I need serious help and my children need a better life. I have lied to everyone that I have ever come in contact with including my children. I live in Sarasota, Florida. I want to reestablish my cleaning business or become a nurse, but have too many psychological issues to deal with (read the following article about me you will need to copy and paste to your browser) so I have to suck off of welfare and steal from other people to make ends meet. Someone put me out of my misery Please!
Connie Michelle Galbraith
Name: ss 310-78-1355 drivers license 0500-04-9988 IN   dob 04-04-71   pob Indianapolis Indiana   parents Ray and Judy
Email:,,, In MSN member directory Im listed under mommyofmany
This is me on New Years Eve