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   Legions Of Terror                            *CLAN LOT*


-Thursday July 22, 2004

    Hey yall im bak from vacation!! ive seen sum ppl have quit clan but o well, anyways we are recruiting now so if u know sum1 who wants to join then ask me!! peace! -crazychick2519

-Friday July 9, 2004

   Hey guys ok ima be leavin for vacation on Friday July 10th and wont be back till July 21st. ALSO READ RULES PAGE!! But anywayz I updated the bot commands page, also I updated the members page now if u click on the names in blue it shows u a lil profile, im not done w/ doin everyones ill finish when i get bak from vacation.  plz dont abuse powers while im gone...ima leave the bot on but if it goes offline then prolly my brother restarted computer so u'll have to wait till i get back!!-crazychick2519

-Wednesday July 7, 2004

    Y'all if u have any suggestions on wut to put on the site then get in touch w/ me. Also im startin to add profiles on the members page where u can click on the persons name an it gives u info. Also we have a 2 shaman and and 1 grunt slot open if you feel you should have one of these slots then contact me!! either whisper me or IM me on AIM s/n is crazychick2519 or e-mail me: peace!! -crazychick2519

-Friday, July 2, 2004

 Ok well this sux battlenet reset every1's level so im no longer givin ranks by level it'll be by TOTAL RATIO. The bot (stealthbot) keeps shuttin down and its not jus our bot its like every1's but when it is up and u need to know sum commands i put up a bot commands page jus goto the channel if bot is there type @whoami to find out ur access then goto bot commands page find ur access and those r the commands u have. -crazychick2519 

-Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hey guys!! I got a bot in the channel now when u enter the channel it tells u ur access and shit if ur access is 0 then contact me and ill raise it up find me on or AIM me at crazychick2519. Also we have sum new members scroll down to c who they r! ALSO i will be makin another page when i get to it that shows u idiots the commands for yall to operate the bot!!   peace!! -crazychick2519

-Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hey y'all listen up!!! We have to wait till Wednesday June 30th till I can give ranks, so till then y'all have to get your levels up. The 1st 5 ppl with the highest level gets Shaman then the next 5 get Grunt then the rest are Peon. To see where you stand in the Shaman Grunt Peon status go to the ranks page!! Ill be upgrading the ranks page daily so y'all know where u stand if I were to choose now. I'll also post each persons level beside their name on the Ranks page so y'all know wut level to be to beat them. Also Shaman and Grunt status are not permanent!! If you wanna be a Shaman or Grunt after I give out the ranks then simply get a higher level then sum1 thats a Shaman or Grunt. ALSO BY WEDNESDAY JUNE 30th EVERYONE MUST BE AT LEAST LEVEL 3 or u KICKED outta clan. TO UP YOUR LEVEL simply goto Play Game at the top choose how every many player I usually do 3v3 but thats me!! That's all if y'all needa talk to me ill be on a lot cuz im grounded or AIM me on AIM my s/n is crazychick2519 or email me at !! peace -crazychick2519