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.: Bot Commands (there is access 70-100 but the commands listed the bot cant do b/c in order for it to do that it has to be on WC and has to be shaman commands like ban and kick and stuff)

      Access 0

?trigger - Displays the bots trigger which is "@"

@whoami - shows the current access he or she has in the channel.

@site - shows the website of the channel.

    Access 10

@serve - type @serve (person) (whatever)  for example: @serve bob pepsi

@ping - pings a person type @ping (username@azeroth)  for example: @ping crazychick2519@azeroth (you have to add @azeroth at end of name cuz thats server

@pingme - pings yourself

@define - type @define (word)

@time - displays the current time

@allseen - displays the last 15 users seen by bot

   Access 20

@whois - type @whois (username) it displays the access of that user

@about - displays bots info

@server - displays the server bot is connected to

@cq - clears the bots typin if bot happens to randomly flood it shuts the bot up

@flip - flips a coin

@server - Displays the server bot is connected to.

@designate - Displays user bot last designated

  Access 40

@quote - Displays a randomly selected quote from quote.txt file

@addquote - Type @addquote (quote) to add a quote to quote.txt file for ex: @addquote being grounded sux

@where - Replies in a whisper tellin u the bots current channel

@mail - (idk if it actually works)Adds mail to the mail queue for username type @mail (username) (message) for ex: @mail crazychick2519 blah.

  Access 50(for any of the winamp to work u have to have it open 1st)

@mp3 - Displays the MP3 that Winamp [VERSION 2.9 AND BELOW] is playing.

@next - Plays the next track in Winamp

@stop - Stops Winamp

@play - Starts play in Winamp

@play <tracknumber> - Plays the specified track in Winamp. ex: @play 3 (this only works if u have a playlist up)

@play <track name> - Plays the specified track, by name, in Winamp. ex: @play Dashboard Confessional - Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack - Vindicated.mp3 (you have to type the exact file name that u downloaded and mine r usually long like that so i suggest that u goto ur My Shared Folder and rename sum of the songs to make it shorter.

@setvol - Sets Winamp's current volume. (0-100) ex: @setvol 18

@pause - pauses winamp

@ignore <username> - Squelches the username ex: @ignore i-like-chicken

@unignore <username - unsquelches the username (DONT FORGET TO UNSQUELCH)

  Access 60

@uptime - Displays the computer's uptime and the time since the bot logged on.

@vote <duration> - Begins a general vote lasting <duration> seconds. ex: @vote 40

@tally -  Displays the current results of the active vote.

@scq - Silently clears the queue. To shutup bot if its flooding

@say <message>- Repeats the message following the command.

@shout <message>- Repeats the message following the command in all uppercase.

@expand <text> - Adds spaces in between each letter of a specified phrase. ex:@expand blah

@info <username> - Displays information available on the specified user: time in channel, product, ping, flags.