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.: Rules

   Shaman Rules:

1.) Don't EVER abuse powers

2.) Must maintain a 45.00% or higher total ratio, must have icon, and be lvl 3 or higher.(if u dont u get demoted to grunt.

3.) Never KICK OR BAN clan bot!!

4.) Never demote the grunts or promote the peons unless they meet requirements.

5.) Never invite anyone into clan unless you have an okay by the chieftain.

6.) Never ban clan member and if u kick them dont do it repeatly.

7.) Never kick any clan members unless told so by chieftain.

   Grunt Rules:

1.) Must maintain a 40.00% or higher total ratio and must be at least lvl 3 or your demoted to peon..

2.) Don't abuse your kick power through the bot.

   Peon Rules:

1.) Must maintain a 25.00% or higher ratio or your kicked.