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.: Bot Commands (bot can now ban or kick ppl check if ur access is high enouf to do so)(ill add the rest of access 80-100 later as of now no one has access 80 or higher cept me)

      Access 0

?trigger - Displays the bots trigger which is "@"

@whoami - shows the current access he or she has in the channel.

@site - shows the website of the channel.

    Access 10

@serve - type @serve (person) (whatever)  for example: @serve bob pepsi

@ping - pings a person type @ping (username@azeroth)  for example: @ping crazychick2519@azeroth (you have to add @azeroth at end of name cuz thats server

@pingme - pings yourself

@define - type @define (word)

@time - displays the current time

@allseen - displays the last 15 users seen by bot

   Access 20

@whois - type @whois (username) it displays the access of that user

@about - displays bots info

@server - displays the server bot is connected to

@cq - clears the bots typin if bot happens to randomly flood it shuts the bot up

@flip - flips a coin

@server - Displays the server bot is connected to.

@designate - Displays user bot last designated

@lastwhisper - Displays the username of the last person who messaged the bot.

  Access 40

@quote - Displays a randomly selected quote from quote.txt file

@addquote - Type @addquote (quote) to add a quote to quote.txt file for ex: @addquote being grounded sux

@where - Replies in a whisper tellin u the bots current channel

@mail - (idk if it actually works)Adds mail to the mail queue for username type @mail (username) (message) for ex: @mail crazychick2519 blah.

@bancount - Returns the number of users banned since the bot joined the channel.

  Access 50(for any of the winamp to work u have to have it open 1st)

@mp3 - Displays the MP3 that Winamp [VERSION 2.9 AND BELOW] is playing.

@next - Plays the next track in Winamp

@stop - Stops Winamp

@play - Starts play in Winamp

@play <tracknumber> - Plays the specified track in Winamp. ex: @play 3 (this only works if u have a playlist up)

@play <track name> - Plays the specified track, by name, in Winamp. ex: @play Dashboard Confessional - Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack - Vindicated.mp3 (you have to type the exact file name that u downloaded and mine r usually long like that so i suggest that u goto ur My Shared Folder and rename sum of the songs to make it shorter.

@setvol - Sets Winamp's current volume. (0-100) ex: @setvol 18

@pause - pauses winamp

@ignore <username> - Squelches the username ex: @ignore i-like-chicken

@unignore <username - unsquelches the username (DONT FORGET TO UNSQUELCH)

@vote <duration> - Begins a general vote lasting <duration> seconds. ex: @vote 40

@tally -  Displays the current results of the active vote.

@votekick - Begins a 30-second votekick vote. If the vote passes, the user is kicked. ex: @votekick lemo79@azeroth be sure to add the @azeroth at the end of the names.

@safelist - Lists the users and tags in the safelist.

  Access 60

@uptime - Displays the computer's uptime and the time since the bot logged on.

@scq - Silently clears the queue. To shutup bot if its flooding

@say <message>- Repeats the message following the command.

@shout <message>- Repeats the message following the command in all uppercase.

@expand <text> - Adds spaces in between each letter of a specified phrase. ex:@expand blah

@info <username> - Displays information available on the specified user: time in channel, product, ping, flags.

@shitlist - list users on the shitlist

@kick - kicks username and you can add a message. example: @kick lemo79@azeroth BYE BITCH (it'll show him the bye bitch message)

@ban - bans username and you can add a message. example: @ban lemo79@azeroth BYE BITCH (it'll show him the bye bitch message)

@unban - unban username. ex: @unban lemo79@azeroth

  Access 70

@shitadd - Adds the user to the shitlist. The people on the shitlist are automatically banned when they come to channel. When you normally ban someone they can sign out of bnet then sign back in and their ban is gone well the shitlist makes it so u dont have to keep rebanning them the bot bans them automatically when they join channel. ex: @shitadd lemo79@azeroth

@shitdel - Removes the user from the shitlist. example: @shitdel lemo79@azeroth

@voteban - Begins a 30-second voteban vote. If the vote passes, the user is banned. ex: @voteban lemo79@azeroth

@banned - Displays a list of users that have been banned.

  Access 80

@safeadd - Adds a user or tag to the safelist.