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last updated: 24 march 2004

This site serves one purpose, to hassle the shit out of the worst rugby #10 ever, carlos spencer. Yes, that sleazy, arrogant, faggoty-arsed wannabe who runs around in a #10 jersey thinking he can play rugby. How the hell this wanker ever got picked to play provincial rugby (ok, so he does play for auckland and the jaffas are thick as shit, or maybe the selector was queer too...), let alone play for the All Blacks remains a mystery. Honestly, what the hell were the selectors thinking. Yes, auckland does make up about 1/4 of our population so maybe there was pressure to put in the obligatory jaffa, because lord knows the noise they would make about a team full of cantabs (even tho they ARE better players), but that shithead??!! Was that the best they could do? He cant pass properly, sure as hell cant kick, either for penalties/conversions, or in the game, and his ego is like a bloody great blimp!! The guys is such a fuckwit, how many games (including the world cup semi where he repeately threw cutout passes to be a smartass, tho they were interceptd and led to australian tries!!) does he have to lose for the ABs before he gets dropped??!!

And there he is, "King Carlos" himself. The jaffas all call him King Carlos but the only thing hes king of is losers, tryhards and sleazebags. But then jaffas are arrogant and thick as shit anyway. What they should call him is King Queer. The true king rugby kicker is the legendary Andrew Mehrtens, who could kick better than this dick if he had a broken leg and lost half his foot on the other leg to frostbite! Spencer will never fill Mehrts' shoes, not even come close. Sexy Daniel Carter wins the race to be the next great #10 hands down. Spencer should just flee for Turkmenistan or some other place where we never have to hear his pathetic name again.

Ugh! And people voted this man the 2nd sexiest super 12 player! Well thats probably your jaffas at work again. The guys a tosser. What kind of hard rugby man "stars" as sum kind on male model on a toffee pops ad (and he didnt even do a good job because not only did he look horrible, his acting was as bad as his rugby!)!!