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This site serves one purpose, to hassle the shit out of the worst rugby #10 ever, carlos spencer. And dont you think carlos spencer, the faggoty-assed, arrogant, sleazy, wannabe #10 rugby player, (not to mention AUCKLANDER!), has earned this site. Not only is he the shittest number 10 in the world, but the bastard couldnt kick if his life depended on it! If Andrew Mehrtens had a broken leg, he could still kick better than this fuckwit.

And there he is, "King Carlos" himself. The jaffas all call him King Carlos but the only thing hes king of is losers, tryhards and sleazebags. But then jaffas are arrogant and thick as shit anyway. What they should call him is King Queer. The true king rugby kicker is the legendary Andrew Mehrtens, but then in Auckland you take what you can get. Actually, what they should do to him is tie a rock to his ankle, cut him so hes real bloody and drop him of in the great barrier reef somewhere so all the sharks can get him.

Ugh! And people voted this man the 2nd sexiest super 12 player! Well thats probably your jaffas at work again. The guys a poof. What kind of hard rugby man stars as sum kind on male model on a toffee pops add!