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I look around
And I see everyone
Hanging out
With everyone else

And I look inside
My own black soul
And within I find
That my life has a hole

The shape of the hole
Is the shape of a person
A person I've yet to find

I need to fill the hole
And make myself whole
And make that person mine

I try and I try
To fill that hole
but every single time
I come back out sore.

Hurt from the rejection
Of who I thought was the one
It's the worst pain I've felt
I feel my life is done.

I reach for the knife
I reach for the pills
I climb the tallest building
This should cure my ills

I cut with the knife
I swallow the pills
I jump from the building
And yet I'm still ill.

I'm still here on this earth
Though I don't wish to be
Because I can't find that person
And they won't find me

I try once again
Braced for the kill
And the reason I say this
Is cuz it's the way I feel.


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