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The Center Of the Hell-Hole

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
7:36 pm - yes I am bored...can't you tell  Protected
murdered_feelin 65 : 34.57%
xhav0kwh0r3 31 : 16.49%
kat1981 18 : 9.57%
simplyfalling 12 : 6.38%
sil3ntlibr0k3n 8 : 4.26%
miss_tootsie 7 : 3.72%
1_loser 6 : 3.19%
rae07 6 : 3.19%
1loser4u 5 : 2.66%
rebelsgurl88 5 : 2.66%
kinkysourcandy 4 : 2.13%
kealani 4 : 2.13%
evildreamer 4 : 2.13%
mommy71304 3 : 1.60%
invisable666 2 : 1.06%
tinkerballs 1 : 0.53%
24hearts 1 : 0.53%
darkchild13 1 : 0.53%
usmarshal90 1 : 0.53%
_adrian_nicole_ 1 : 0.53%
_xtc 1 : 0.53%
linzay2007 1 : 0.53%
_daretodream_ 1 : 0.53%

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4:33 pm - seems I love myself the most...haha  Protected
murdered_feelin 53 : 36.81%
kat1981 18 : 12.50%
simplyfalling 12 : 8.33%
sil3ntlibr0k3n 8 : 5.56%
miss_tootsie 7 : 4.86%
1_loser 6 : 4.17%
rae07 5 : 3.47%
1loser4u 5 : 3.47%
kinkysourcandy 4 : 2.78%
kealani 4 : 2.78%
rebelsgurl88 4 : 2.78%
evildreamer 4 : 2.78%
mommy71304 3 : 2.08%
invisable666 2 : 1.39%
tinkerballs 1 : 0.69%
24hearts 1 : 0.69%
darkchild13 1 : 0.69%
usmarshal90 1 : 0.69%
_adrian_nicole_ 1 : 0.69%
_xtc 1 : 0.69%
xhav0kwh0r3 1 : 0.69%
linzay2007 1 : 0.69%
_daretodream_ 1 : 0.69%

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12:48 pm
I was bored so I created a completely free non restricted Community.There are no rules, you can whatever you want to whoever you want about whatever you want.If you get in a fight with someone I will NOT settle it.The persons involved in the fight will settle it themselves. Its called Bloody_Tales

current mood: bored

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11:27 am  Protected
I got up not to long ago and my friend Sam called and said there is an After Glow at church cant go cuz my truck needs some work on it and might not be able to get a ride.........its not like I dont want to see anybody......not a particular person.....not one adult who when you do him a favor he jumps down your neck and yells at you cuz he is too narrow minded to think of the reason as to which things were done....oh well.....if I can go I will but only to see some friends and people I care about but thats the only reason.........I am probly not gonna go to this church much anymore......might even go to another my teacher's again.......thats all the update for now

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Saturday, November 27th, 2004
10:32 pm  Protected
I wonder who all feels like me right now.......I totally fucked up life with totally fucked up people and this totally fucked up one is going to fuck up totally

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9:02 pm  Protected
too short and sucky to give this one a name

I once again bring into the light
Something that belongs to the night
A desturbing calm
As I take that into my palm
I push then pull
For this one isnt dull
I see red flow from me
Like the color blood you will see
I claim with one last inhale of air
And look at you as you begin to stare
I will see you in hell
And that is all I will tell

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8:15 pm  Protected
I have a question to all those who might know......I know the rules of the gallery but do they also apply on the journal such as a violent or sexual pic or a weapon pic or self-mutaliation pic or even suicide pics.......let me know

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5:32 pm  Protected
I just got back from my dad's......saw alot of my stepmom's side of the family and saw my very cute little nephew......he is 3 months old now..........and dont you hate it when you have very very pretty girls in your family........grrr...lmao........I have a really really bad headache right now and my nose is stopped up........might actually get sick the second time this year........

current mood: hungry

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Friday, November 26th, 2004
3:14 pm - "Letter"  Protected
This is a letter to you my friend
I heard that you are going to put your life to an end
I never saw this ever being
Your life from you is fleeing
All will be sad
And no one glad
To know of you never being here
That is enough to make us cry my dear
A tear will be shed
Your arms I hear have bled
Now you fade away
And the emotions sad and lonely begin to sway
To and fro
I never want to know
Of this life without you
So I will join you
In the embrace of the loving kindness
To only those in blindness

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2:43 pm  Protected
I got my Slipknot cd back from my bro and got his V3 to barrow.......later I will be going to my dad's so i wont be on tonight until late tomorrow and I dont get a cell signal out there so that sux too.....hmm.....later

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
8:24 pm - "Bloody Floor"  Protected
Take that knife
End your pain
Take your life
Make death your claim
Slice your wrist
Watch the blood
Tighten your fist
Dripping blood
Covers the floor
When you hit the ground
The red liquid flows under the door
And no one is around
To help you up
A beautiful life
Completely fucked up

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3:52 pm  Protected
not much so far today.....only went to my aunts to eat and now Im back....but lastnight was interesting.....I spent all day trying to find out how to make my stuff transparent and all that and finally someone helped after 13 hours of then Caitlin wanted the same thing so I helped her out........took an hour tell her how and what to do and took her over three hours to find the background image and then about an hour getting a friends only sign and then about 25 minutes of we tweaking it.........I think it was about 4 when I went to got up about 4 hours later..........I was tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired....I didnt want to get up.........well thats it really....hope you like my new layout.....took me a day to get it like it is and all of you best like Caitlin's......I had to be extremely patient with her in making it......she was being such a woman.......says I FOUND IT I FOUND IT and then says no nvm.....that went on for about two hours then the other hour was her going away and trying to find a pic for her background..............Im glad she likes it.......she better!!!...jk...hahaha.....alright...laterz

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
10:08 pm - "Path of Life"  Protected
I take this knife
I take this gun
You gave me life
Love you bore none
I slice the wrist
I shot my head
A spray of bloody mist
With a hole made by lead
As I die you will know
That this is your fault
A death I will show
A moral I have taught
Do not love which you can not have
It will bring you down
Only one takable path
A bullet to the crown

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12:36 pm  Protected
well, lastnight was interestingly fun...hahaha...there was a tornado outside my house and my mom and sister were freakin which was getting on my nerves...haha....sometime around three I was tired of it even tho we were gonna get another tornado more than likely but I didnt care it was early in the morning and I have been up since 8 so I was tired and if the tornado came and picked everything up I would be in the new wizard of oz movie...but if I was in a dress that would be very very odd.........and if this man of straw comes up to me I will light his ass on fire with my modified lighter with a 6 inch flame.....can make it alot higher like it was around 13 but that will make it blow up but it was its12:40 and I am one online....I was talking with Rae and she was telling me how she and her mother were driving in all this......that had to be a lil bit entertaining...well....for me it would be guess cuz it doesnt bother me and what happends happends....hahaha...well thats it for now.....nothing to report on my fuck-ups.....laterz

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
6:52 pm  Protected
Not much has happend today......made this journal friends only and got some pix of slipknot and added the friends only to them......shows how bored I was...hmmm.....kinda a boring day but I have to get up early tomorrow and take my truck into the auto shop to get it fixed to cuz I kinda messed it up when I went mud ridding and then even more when I hit the trees......getting some new tires for it and I will try to go get some more cds when I get the money....I plan to get my slipknot cd back from my bro and go get thier other ones and maybe get some other cds.......I now am blairing Korn's greatest hits in my truck and its a good cd can't wait till their next one to come out

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4:58 pm
If you wish to be added to my friend's list there is only one thing you have to do and thats add me first....if you add me I will add you....thats all there is to it

one thing I forgot to mention, if you in anywise remove me from your friend's list I shal do the same with you without warning or hesitation

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4:56 pm

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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
6:24 pm - Slipknot verses  Protected
Tattered and torn
That's where my soul is worn
Tattered and torn
That's when I was born
Tattered and torn
I broke away from me
Tattered and torn
I knocked me to my knees

Tattered and torn
I drink my own cells
Tattered and torn
A decomposing well
Tattered and torn
Roaches in my head
Tattered and torn
I become the living dead

Who the fuck am I to criticize your twisted state of mind?
You're leaving me suspect, I'm leaving you grotesque
Feels like a burn from which you never learn
Cause and effect, you jealous ass
Press your face against the glass - suffer

Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're going down, this is war!

Section off myself
Put a wall up, what the hell have I done?
Keep the dog at bay, survive by saving me!
Values in the game
Not a fuck-up, not a part of your lie
I am one, I am all - I'm above and beyond!

Stand off of the shit
Back off or I'll spit
So soft, you forget
(Your garbage in is garbage out)
You just don't give a shit
I won't benefit
Get off, get on this
(Your garbage in is garbage out)

Liberate my madness

She seems dressed in all the rings
Of past fatalities
So fragile yet so devious
She continues to see
Climatic hands that press
Her temples and my chest
Enter the night that she came home (Forever)

Oh (She’s the only one that makes me sad)

current mood: infuriated

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5:24 pm  Protected
went out to the auto shop today and sat there for a while until the guy got my truck and took it back and looked at front in is off like I knew but the tires are messed up and are gonna blowout on me very soon so I have to get new ones cuz these have bubbles in them and thats causing my truck to shake to hell and back and I am getting bigger tires for it and I have to go back Wednesday and get them and get all that fixed and its gonna cost only $500 for all this and thats cheap

current mood: bitchy

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10:39 am  Protected
well, hello and good morning to all of ya. I got up not to long ago, had a nice sleep lastnight for the second time in a long time, very much enjoyed it. so whats up with all of you, nothing planned for today with me, hopefully I will find something to do to occupy my time. added a few new pics on my gallery lastnight, I was very bored so I took some weird ones for ya.well, this is it for the update. laterz

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