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1996 Grand Am GT

front angle of the car, on the lot awaiting the garage for a paint job, and new tint.
Back angle of the car...this car is a beauty.
This one even has its white rims, they are sweet, this car has alot of power, and boy is she fast. =] and very roomy for allof my stereo equipment!

Pictures..of my girls.

the girls wanted their pic taken while ordering food at mcdonalds. lovely. left-> Cassie, right-> Jessica.

how do i explain this below for the '411'/'info'!

On june 2ndth, jessica, and i met..she introduced herself to me, and we began talking..after a few days, we started getting to know each other, and learning more about eachother, and getting close...she is the only person at my job who i would speak to..the only person who understood me or anything i talked about..she cares about her friends..unlike many people who just dont a while..we were joking, talking, etc..we exchanged #'s, talked more....and here we are 2 months later almost...she is the coolest girl ever...and she loves, me and i love her..yes this may sound corny to *you*, but i dont explain things like this, very well...but yeah..this girl ... "is the perfect" girl for every way..cept her lil fuckin ex boyfriend keeps coming around. but finally he told her to find a new man, so she did , me.

More pics to come!