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Avon Products Page 3

Hair Products

Brand: Avon Techniques We have Shampoo and Conditioners for all types of hair (normal, thin, fine, oily, permed, curly, wavy, straight, color-treated, dandruff-prone, gray). True Blonde Treatment Mask and Volumizing Gel are great for all natural and color-treated blondes.

Suncare and Bugguard

Avon Sun Self-Tanning, Avon Sun After Sun Tan Maximizing Lotion, Avon Sun Baby Lotion SPF40 & 30, Avon Sun Sport Spray SPF30 & 15 Gel SPF8, Avon Sun General Protection SPF40, 30, 15, & 8. Skin So Soft Bugguard Plus SPF15 (spray), Skin So Soft Bugguard Insect Repellant (spray), Skin So Soft Bugguard Plus for Kids SPF30 (lotion)


VitAdvance Vitamins (Menopause Support, Bone Health, Joint Formula, Acne Clarifying Complex, Menstrual Comfort System, Memory and focus, Energy Advance, etc.), Total Body Cooling Spray, Balancing Tea, Eye Soothers, Pore Cleanser, SlimWell Balanced Meal Bars, and much more.