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As the Scenes go backstage we see Alex Shane heading towards ringside, as he is going to be in the biggest match in his AWO Career…. Alex Shane is going to be part of Team Shane in the Main Event going up against Team Bishoff and Team Malici…

Jim Ross: Well what a ppv this going to be…and this is Survivor Series its one of the biggest events in AWO and Alex Shane is in despite him getting screwed against Assassin…this is going to be Hell of a Match 15 superstars in the ring…. Fighting for there team in this big huge battle…well the controversy between these three en having been going on for months and it has no come to Survivor Series where the winner takes all….

King: This is a Match where the Fans should not miss…its going to be so fast pace match…well im not sure which team is going to win as all three teams are very strong… and plus there’s going to be two referees Jeff Jerret and Sara Laden well lets have a look at the team… First Team Malici…. Mortis, Dan Taylor, Test, Rage, & Brandon Quest. Well that’s is very strong team with Dan Taylor in it… Now Team Shane: Justin 'Ice' Williamson, Shane Hunt, Kameron Darks, Alex Shane, & John Cena…. Well John Cena the AWO the champion in it can be a great advantage as well as Shane Hunt. Now Team Eric: Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, Johnny Cash, & Brock Lesnar…well by looking at Eric Team there all very Huge wrestlers this can go either way…here so stay tuned to find out….

Bring me to life hits the Pyros as Alex Shane makes his way to the ring as the crowd boo him along.. Alex Shane stares at the fans as he looks upon them…

Alex Shane: Well let me just get down to business at the Survivor Series im in the Main Event and Assassin think he got away with it beating. Well let me tell you something bitch…this will be never be over until your over...and I mean it…know enough of that and concentrate on Survivor Series…When Shane offered me a chance in his team for the Survivor Series I was quite surprise because coming Survivor Series there will be hell to pay for team Eric and I know the World AWO champ John Cena, Justin. Kameron dark will destroy every Son of a bitch who will come in our way because since im Team Shane I make sure he won’t loose, because I respect him and ill do anything to keep the boss happy…II mean look at Team Erick.. They got assholes Like Sid and Brock and Nash,. There just nothing and then team Malici the team that think this going to be a easy win well it won and I make sure it wont till im in the ring… it just b e Team Shane destroying both for you dumbass teams…. I mean look at Brock Lesnar… he think hes got everything Brock let me make this nice and clear you aint got be anything at the Survivor Series and I make sure you be the first one who will get the beating in your team and for team…Malici with my team matches your going to be left with nothing and don’t even think of trying anything stupid like you did with the referees because you wont see me coming as im going be right in your faces. Now Brock you think your one tough guy but when really your just pathetic, thinking your the next big thing and how your going to do this and do that when really you aint going to do nothing in this federation while im still here and well you aint even seen nothing yet from me. your weak and im going to show all the fans out there just how weak you really are. Now i look down the list and see Mortis name cropping up and well just because he has beaten a few people in this federation doesnt mean your going to beat me, you see ive been doing this for many years and ive broken a few bones had countless concussions but hell i still got up at the end of the day and if you knock me down then expect me to stand just the hell back up because im gunning for you and youd better beleive it.

Alex Laughs away as he leaves ringside as Bring me back to life hits the Pa System…the scenes go to commercial hyping up Survivor Series….