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all what's inside is dead

ok this page is just stuff that's totally random!! ok!??

songs frequently listened to on my playlist:

led zeppelin-whole lotta love
metallica- sanitarium
le tigre-the the empty
rolling stones-paint it black
slayer- tormentor
foo fighters-everlong
story of the year-anthem of our dying day
the cure-pictures of you
thrice-cold cash and colder hearts
zeke-death alley
yeah yeah yeahs-date with the night
dashboard confessional-screaming infidelities
cradle of filth-scorched earth erotica
cKy-flesh into gear
afi-dream of waking
bleeding through-rise
guns n roses-paradise city
HIM-buried away by love
morbid angel-blood on my hands
napalm death-scum
NIN-head like hole
placebo-every me, every you
ramones-pet cemetary
gray matter-burn no bridges
interpol-obstacle 2
joy division-love will tear us apart

_-_the opposite sex_-_
ever been attracted to em?: DeRR!
gone out with em?: Oh yea!
had a humongous crush on one?: yep
kissed em??!: yeah
do you hate them?: i would love to spit on some of their dead courpse!!
do you hate them ALL?: nah

^~^lOve aNd rELatIonShipS^~^

ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yeya!
if so, how long did it last?: well the longest i was with someone was for 11 months!!
do you have a crush on someone?: yep ;-)

!_!your friends!_!
do you have friends?: yea!!
how many friends?: too many to count!
a best friend?: yeah, best friends!
are you friends trustworthy?: some..
are they the same sex as you?: some of them
are they like you?: kinda
or completely different?: some
are you in love with any of them?!: yeah! lol
are they in band?: yeah, some are

_!_your favorite....._!_
color?: pink! black! purple! and sometimes red!
food?: starwberries!!!!!!
shirt?: my afi one :::looks around::: ha!
skirt?: my purple plaid one!!
dress?: um, i dunno, i guess my cherry one
pants?: my dickies!!
hat?: i like beanies!
game?: pass the drink?? its fun!!!!!
person?: all my wilmas girls!!
drink?: water!! no seriously..and raspberry tea!

.::i love you::.