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Welcome to three-17, a personal site! This is where you'll find everything about my crazy self. Thanks a bunch to Hanna @ for hosting me! Don't forget to sign the gbook on your way out!


Well folks, I am...speechless, actually. I really didn't feel anything as I walked down Senior Hall for the last time today. Yeah, I was half-slipping on papers that were trashed all over the floor, but still...nothing. If high school is supposed to be the best time of your life, then I don't think I'm going to enjoy living. :(

Ok...for prom...yeah so this guy constantly was hinting toward dating me. Yeah, it's great that he was such a gentleman and tried to give me a good time, I really appreciated that, but just, no. He kept telling me I was dancing incorrectly...I do NOT have a beat problem. He's so big he just couldn't keep up. Then he constantly wants me to ask him a bunch of questions, yet he doesn't want to get into a! I'm sorry, there is NOTHING there. It was an experience I'm glad I went through though, I learned a lot about people that night. And I def got a review lesson on them again today...

The future...I better start preparing for it.
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I just got back from a Senior Honors Convo thing. Do they have to name every single freaking award and scholorship given to a human being in my school? Sheesh. Anyway, it's official...I'm going to prom. Why? This guy asked me, and even though I'm not interested in him in "that" way, he's so polite and happy about going w/ me that I feel I made the right decision. Plus my friends are glad I'll be there. :)

So uh, I've got the dress - it's black w/ a lining of white on top and has spaghetti straps...I've never been so ecstatic *sp?* over a dress before. And I actually put on eye liner for the first time (yeah I'm not a makeup person lol), and I think I'll go w/ that...and leave my hair down. Heck w/ the stupid 'up-do' thing; Imma be different. Hopefully all will work out Friday w/ the time thing; I'm not so good @ prepping up in a couple hours but uh...

So yeah I shall tell all next bloggy.
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I'm FREE! Well, almost. Getting those AP tests taken care of just about felt like I'd finished for good...though I think I didn't pass the Calc one...ah well, that won't mean much anyhow. I had a rookie teacher, heck, he made more incorrect answers on the board than all other teachers' messups combined...I shoulda figured I wouldn't do well. The rest I actually have confidence in, though. :)

So I e-mailed the guy w/ a negative response like planned, but of course I began to feel guilty. Eh, I always do. I just can't stand making ppl sad, whether or not they've been using me. As for that guy I've got my eye on...well, ppl keep pressing me to ask him, but I haven't gained any confidence. And if I don't do it tomorrow, I think it's all hopeless. :(

Anyhow, I know I won't be @ school Friday cuz it's Senior Ditch Day; I'm just trying to figure out if I'm going w/ some friends to the zoo *don't ask why a zoo LoL* or if I'm staying home. Guess it really depends on the weather...been raining all week. But yeah - got 10 days left...the countdown begins...
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So I took my first AP test this mornin'...the English one. It wasn't unbearable, but wasn't exactly a piece of cake either. I'm not good @ timed essays, but oh well. Got Calc on Thurs. Eww.

What else...what else? Should I mention my best friend's ex is after me? It is the scariest thing that could ever happen to anyone. I have this grand feeling that he wants to go to prom w/ me just to see her...I mean why in the heck would a college freshie be asking ME to MY prom?! Especially since he never gave me the time of day before. It just doesn't work that way, hun. So now I have to send him a letter in the negative, and gather up some confidence. Whether I ask this other dude out, it looks like I might go anyhow, since one of my guy friends wants me to. But I shall still dream...
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New layout...somewhat an easy way out, but doesn't look too bad I guess. 'spose it's a good way to use my scanner. ;)
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Bleh...I just don't have time for my sites anymore, let alone much else. May 14 will feel like the best day of my life, I'm sure. It'll be the day after my final AP test; after that, I'm as good as graduated, my friends. Yeah, there's 2 more weeks, but they're 2 weeks of not-much. I feel so bad though - I don't even have time to return messages and letters to people...I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be May 13th @ this time of day. Damnit...
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Eh. Back to reality. I've realized that it's better to refrain from saying "I can't wait!" cuz really, you can. It all flies by - the warmth, the ocean, the hotels, the cute guys serving volleyballs and holding doors open for you. ;P Oh and all you Floridians who experienced that cold air that blew through around the 30th? I firmly believe that our hectic driving also drove in Chicago weather. Lmao. ;) And the ironic thing was that on Monday, I got major sunburn - it was freakin' 50 degrees out! Ok yeah I understand that in Alaska you can get badly burned, but really now. My feet are STILL a hot pink and mighty blistery...if that's a word. But besides that, and the fact that we left on the most beautiful day we'd been there, it was very worthwhile. There wasn't even any rain.

Onto other things - this place needs another layout, I know. Maybe it'll be a pic I took from the trip....yeah.
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I'm just popping in before I head out to Florida - figured I'd get in a Friday Five:

1. What was your most memorable moment from the last week? - The moment I realized what I'm doing w/ myself in the next few years.

2. What one person touched your life this week? - My mom. But she's always doing that - that's what they're there for. :)

3. How have you helped someone this week? - I've made food for my cooking-challenged family. Listened to others' situational difficulties. Given band-aids (LoL). Etc. I think I have "How may I help you?" written all over me.

4. What one thing do you need to get done by this time next week? - About half of my homework that's due after break. I figure I still have the car ride home to finish the rest when Sat. comes.

5. What one thing will you do over the next seven days to make your world a better place? - Go to THE World. LoL. Believe me - after going to WDW, I'm one satisfied human being. And I will be a much kinder person @ that. ;P

I am OUTTA HERE! *dances* Have a great week!
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Ya know, I am quite sick of being considered an over-achiever. Sorry, but even w/ my high grades, I'm one lazy mofo - so people better stop thinking that I believe school is 'life or death.' I DO actually know there are other things in life to experience that are as or even more important. Ick it just gets on my nerves.

On a more positive note - you know what's addictive? Steel drum music. Well ok, ok. Maybe just for me; I downloaded about 20 songs w/ that instrument in it. I want to learn how to play it damnit. Guess it's cuz I'm all excited about heading down to Disney - the music has been playing @ the resort I stay @ ever since I was 2. Some might call me crazy, but even w/ this entire Iraq situation, I'm going down there if it's the last thing I do. I am dying for a vacation - and I'm not going to let paranoia conquer my life. So there. And SILENCE to all those anti-Disney/anti-homosexual people...I'm sick of hearing all the shit I'm getting from them. Psht.
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Well uh, yeah. I'm not quite feeling myself today, birthday or not. Let's just say that the common cold and that evil thing *the bitch from hell* came w/ impeccable timing. Guess it's my body's way of saying 'Happy Birthday.' Eww. Not to mention that I'm drugged as shit right now...between pain killers and Nyquil. The thought of how I'll be @ school tomorrow makes me want to curl up and hide. Eh, might as well go to get some tlc from friends...cuz I need some of that...
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