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My Hong Kong Experience

In August of 2004, the members of Bethel Steel Orchestra performed at the 14th Baptist World Alliance World Youth Confrence in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was a real experience. It was a really cool and Hi tech. We Arrived on the 1st and We left on the 10th. The flight from Jamaica to Hong Kong was 24HOURS!!!. Anyway, the Confrence started on the 4th and it was finished on the 8th. It was a very exciting and heart filling experience. At the Conference, we had the pleasure of seeing many young baptists from all around the world show their appreciation to God via the performaning Arts. In Hong Kong, we had the pleasure of visiting the famous Victoria Peak. The Orchestra was asked by the YMCA of Hong Kong to perform at their weekly Concerts. We accepted and delighted the audience with our unique caribbean sounds. The Percussionists were invited by the worship leader of the conference, Judy Bailey, to perform with her and her band in Victoria Park. This day was also the birthday of the Co-Captain, Kamille Gyles and her birthday was recognised by all people in the park. We also had the pleasure of seeing other performers from the confrence like the New American Singers.