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My Trippin' Blog

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Public Speaking: Who Needs It?
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
I hate public speaking. It is the thing that I hate most nowadays. Used to be hominy was the worst thing in the entire freakin' world. Now it's only the second worst thing. Why I gotta take this class? I knows hows ta talwk in pub-lick. Dammit. I plan on being a cubicle mole for my entire career. Sure, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble on to some wonderfully innovative and extremely lucrative application, but I somehow seriously doubt that's gonna happen, too, so ya can stop your damn snickering, loser. But really, this is A-OK with me. My point, in case you were wondering, is just this: I hate freakin' people, most of 'em are so stupid it makes you honestly wonder how they remember to breathe. The whole reason that I chose my major is because it has the most money making potential with the least amount of actual human contact. I would seriously rather chew off my own leg than get up in front of a bunch of strangers and give a speech about some random topic. You're supposed to choose topics that you already know something about, but they have to be audience appropriate, which sorta rules out EVERYTHING in my life. I coulda made my speeches about having a congenitally insane family, getting pregnant at 15, being in an toxically abusive marriage for 10 years, having SEVEN FREAKIN' KIDS (!!!!!!) by the time I was 30 ( I still look good though, which should tell ya how vain I am that I even CARE!). Said marriage ended in a totally FUBAR manner, with a good man now, workin' my way through school while tryin' to keep my household from flyin' apart at the seams. Not exactly appropriate material to talk to your peers about in a class room setting. Unless its a psych class, and even then, I wouldn't talk about any of it, the only reason I am here is cause nobody knows who I am, neener neener neener phhhhht! Anyway. If you couldn't find a point in all that, tough. I've depressed myself now and I still have to prepare the freakin' speech. So much for the cleansing power of writing. :'(

Posted by crazy4/my_trippin_heart at 11:19 AM MST
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