My Poems?

Ok. These are my poems. I'm not that good at it, but I tried.

Nobody Knows

She lays in bed wishing she wouldn’t wake up in the morning
When she wakes up, she is disappointed
Wondering how she’ll get through another day
Nobody know she’s thinking about ending it all
Nobody knows that today is the day she succeeds
She sits there with the razor in her hands
Ready to escape the pain of living
She cuts and waits
Seeing the red puddle grow
She knows the end will come soon
So she waits and smiles
She is finally happy

The Monster

The monster rears its ugly head once again
I try to fight it but I can’t
“Why fight? You know I’ll win.”
It’s true, it always wins.
I can suppress it for a while
But in the end, it wins
“Come on, you know you want to.
Once you cut, you’ll feel much better.
Let all your pain go.
I’m the only one who can hurt you now.”
I try to fight it, but alas, I succumb.


I may look normal to you
But on the inside I’m dying
You take away my mask and you’ll see
The self-hatred, the insecurities,
The pain, and suffering.
But you put the mask back on
And on the outside I’m JUST like you.


She sits alone, thinking
She's miserable. She longs to die
Contemplating. So close to the edge
One handfull of pills gone
She takes another crying
Sad about the friends and family she'll leave behind
but also happy. Happy to end the pain
Bye-bye monster. Bye-bye pain
As she drifts closer to her never-ending sleep
she feels peace for the first time

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares about the little girl
She sees right through them and sees their lies
Nobody knows the pain she's in
Cutting herself to quiet the monsters
The never-ending thoughts
They all thinks she's better
She's got them all fooled
Not knowing death is always on her mind
That because

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