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Seven Wonders of the United States of America

On our site, you can find what we consider to be the Seven Wonders of the United States of America. From the East coast to the west, our nation is full of amazing and beautiful sites. We not only have many natural wonders, but architectural marvels as well. Come explore these wonders with us!

You can visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or Niagara Falls in New York. View the amazing sculpture Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, or the largest producer of electricity in the United States, the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington. Click on the state of the wonder you'd like to see!

  • Anasazi Cliff Dwellings - .Colorado
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - Virginia
  • Grand Canyon - Arizona
  • Mount Rushmore - South Dakota
  • Niagara Falls - New York
  • Sears Tower - Illinois

The Chesepeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel! The Sears Tower Grand Coulee Dam Check Out Mount Rushmore! Check out Niagara Falls! See the Grand Canyon! Look at the Anasazi Cliff Dwellings!

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