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Saturday, 29 October 2005
Currently: Babysitting Alyssa
Mood:  hug me
April here.. Dude! It's my frikin time of the month. My back hurts like a mofo. Man.. I still have to do this long essay due on Monday! &It's saturday already. It's not really fair bkoz since I'm new to this school &I went to Honors English I onlt had a month &a half to finish the whole entire project, while everyone else in that class had the whole summer to do everything. Well, I don't like to say this or whatever, but I heard Mr. Pitcher (my honors Englich teacher) say this before "You don't have to do anything I give you (homework, projects, ect.), but then again you dont HAVE to succeed.." So, I guess I have to work under in an unfair condition to get good grades so that I could get accepted in a good for college and become a PeDiAtRcIaN (or my second thought on being a Registered Nurse)?
Oh, so you might be wondering why I have second thoughts. My theory is that if you have lots of "downs" when your younger, then you'll have less "downs" when your older. I've been under a lot of stress for as long as when.. & I work really hard ya kno.. Becoming a pediatrician will take about 8 years, while becoming a Registered Nurse takes 6. (Or so I've heard.) 2 years is a long difference. Do you know how much can be done in two years. Well, I still have to look up on these things. Even though I'm in AVID, a college prep class for yeahh, I dont want to look into these things so much. God takes care of me, everything! I'm probably just going to take advantage of scholarships when possible and look at the pricings &stuff for UCSD.
My grades are okay right now, I'm thankful that I don't have anything lower than a C. All A's & B's.
MMK n0w.. later.

Posted by crazy4/itsapril at 11:39 AM
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