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                           Your cock immediately stands erect and you know you are going to cum any second. You tell me how much you like the out fit and ask if you could go with me shopping some time. You fumble the word and sound so stupid to yourself but its all you can do not to cum right there in front of me. I bounce happily up the stairs letting my long blond hair toss free never realizing that you have seen more than I intended for you to. Your cock is so hard and throbbing you can only think about fucking my cunt hard and long. Your a virgin but you are not ignorant of your purpose in life. YOU KNOW ITS WRONG BUT YOU JUST DON'T CARE AND CAN'T STOP YOURSELF YOU FOLLOW ME UP THE STAIRS QUIET SO I DON'T NOTICE YOU.  As you reach my bedroom door you look in to find me bent over straight legged MY ASS IN THE AIR facing you AND MY HEAD HANGING DOWN TO SEE THE SHOE.  I HAVE NOTHING ON BUT THE NYLONS AND SHOES. . I am un doing my three inch black heels. I look between my legs just in time to see you fall back against the wall dizzy. You mumble s2347and take off for the front door cock in hand cum in pants. The next day I call your mother and tell her I need to speak with you as soon as possible it is extremely important! You feel your stomach turn and a cold sweat consumes you.  Now for the rest of the story

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