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                           My hubby is a traveling sales man and ever since we moved in down the street from you you have been coming over to do chores for me. You love to come over just to smell my perfume sneak my panties and be near me. We have already become good friends and of coarse you have your fanatics about tasting every part of my body. You want to suck on my  hard nipples that stand up to show off my soft round DD's. I wear my shorts a bit too short and you a pretty sure I don't shave my cunt hair but you haven't had a real good look yet either way you get a hard on that hurts so bad you can hardly stand it. My hubby doesn't mind you being with me all the time because when he gets home the chores are done and he can golf. We are pretty much alone when ever you come over, Then The second day of summer arrives. We are sitting chatting after you finish mowing the lawn and I tell you that I went shopping for a special out fit for my hubbys birthday dinner and I ask you if I can model it. You love to see women model I'll tell you why in the next fantasy if you r a really good boy} any way this is where we pick it up almost one last thing

When I come down the stairs in the black mini skirt that is a bit to short and has a slit up the middle in the back. The blouse is semi transparent , showing the perfect out line of my braless breasts. You see right away as I come down the stairs that I have put thigh high fish-net black stockings on with three inch summer heels and  its obvious I had hurried dressing and not bothered to include any under garments. (please use navigation bar to go to Page 4 cont.)

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