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Fred's Crazy 4 GPk Homepage

welcome to my crazy gpk site

I have 2 gator adrians sealed in cellophane for trade or selling, they are not on the list of cards I have to trade. Just to let you all know.

You can contact me at just label email gpk thanks

more aution links will go up soon. Please bid on them they are decent prices. any money paid on shipping will be sent back if shipping is less than we estimated when shipping your item to your location. We are only hoping to get a bid so we don't lose the money we put in to post item. Thanks.

Gpk items for sale below

Ans4 game cards minus foil cards name your price not inlcuding shipping and handling

End of list Please email me at for any of the sets or items you need

my 3rd series collection

my collection will be added to as I get a chance to scan and post them. My hopes is to get my whole collection up even if i have to have my friends help post my images up. thanks and enjoy.

Cards I need

gpk websites

baron Aaron's Gpk site
wayne's gpk references