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Kansas Wildcats


Welcome to "The Cat's Pajamas" Home of the Fighting Wildcats Enjoy your stay!


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    Welcome to "The Cat's Pajamas"! "The Cat's Pajamas" is a newspaper for a small high school in the heart of Kansas. The purpose of this site is to inform and to help our students and parents. Included in this site are articles written by different anonymous students at our school. All of the events are throughly researched and then checked for accuracy and nonbias.

   We want your input! On the sidebar to the left, there is a 'Contact Us' button. We are conducting a survey to see how you guys like our site! Also, your suggestions are much appreciated! Just email our editor via the form on the 'Contact Us' Page! We have made it easy for you!

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Egg on end

Eggs On End

The spring equinox or the first day of spring, begins on March 20. The rumor was that you could balance an egg on end durring that day at noon and only at noon. As seen in the picture to the left, the eggs are standing on end five days and two hours after the noon deadline. The common thought is that the eggs will only stand on end for that day. This is disproved as well. David Emery, the author of the book, "Your Guide To Urban Ledgends and Fokelore" had stood an egg on end three weeks before the equinox had begun. He also goes on to say that you can balance an egg on any day of the year! It just requires patience and the right size and shape of the egg. To read more, visit his article at

Coffee Club

Coffee Club

A new club is offered this trimester! It's the Coffee Club! The club was proposed to Mr. La Pecnirp (La Pek-Nerp) and was approved for a trial trimester. The Coffee Club was created by five seniors who wanted to give thier peers and the underclassmen a place to hang out after school. The club meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and everyone is invited! They will be creating a calender for the upcomming months after this trial period is terminated. Special events that the Coffee Club will be offering include Study Buddy nights (a night for tutoring and study help), Retro night (a night to remember the bell bottoms and tye dye), and Desserts night (bring in your favorite dessert, and share it with others)! For more information please call the main office at (616)968-4582.


Editor's Favorite Ad

Shown below is one of the favorite ads on the web! This month, the ad is for Quick Time, the mac based program that runs all sorts of media. Click the play button to experience the "coolness" and to watch the movie.





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