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My Blog
Saturday, 24 June 2006
I Got Married
Mood:  happy
Well I finally did it everyone. I got married to the most wonderful man in the world to me. I got married on June 10, 2006. And what a beautiful wedding it was, everyone tells me. Our honeymooon was on a cruise ship in Hawaii, called the pride of hawaii for seven days. It was it's second time around the island too. We also went on some shore excursions which are; horseback ridding, kayaking, and a rain fall water fall hike all arond the different islands in hawaii. Now that I am back at home I miss my husband. I really dont want him to go to iraq, but I know he has too. I can't wait until he gets back so we can start our lives together because thats what I really want. I am so happy to finally be with my christopher.

Posted by crazy4/allison at 7:57 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 June 2006 7:56 PM EDT
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Sunday, 26 March 2006
wedding information
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: keith Urban- You'll think of me
Hello Everyone!!
It's been so long since I wrote in my blog. Things have been so crazy and busy at work still. But I always love coming home early on friday and having the weekends to relax and get things done. I get so tired from work when I get home so late, and going into work early stinks too. Last month my grandmother had passed away, so everything with that was crazy I had to take a couple days off work to go home for the funeral. I got to see my mom's side of the family, who I havent seen in a long time. It was a very nice funeral, lots of people sent church cards and flowers. Alot of people showed up because they new my grandmother and they also new my mom and my aunts. Then the following week my computer decides to crash on me, so I took it into a computer shop. They told me that my hard drive was bad, then I got a new one and they fixed my computer for me. So know its up and running.
I am going so crazy myself because in about two months and a few days I am getting married to my Christopher. The wedding date is sit for June 10th 2006. I havent even gotten lots of things done yet. Everything is happening little by little since my mom is helping me out. But at least I got the ceremony at my church and the reception hall at beckwith pointe its right by the long island sound water. we would be able to see it because the reception well be in the afternoon and we are getting married at my church in the morning. I got my dress, tiara, veil, slip, and a few small things at davids bridal. the bridesmaids are working on the dress that I picked out for them. I got my gift registry done at macy's and bed bath and beyond. The limo is all set to go, my mom is working on the dj, photographer and the wedding invitation. I know im suppose to get them out know, but it was so hard to find the right one and who would do it. the reception site couldnt do it but they couldnt do my idea of one. so the dj place also does invitations so we are going with them now. I have to order som other small trinkets for the reception, work on the song music, and hopefully buy my shoes online today. I tried going over the guest list and making tables but I would really do better if I knew who is actually coming. Then I'm working on getting the brides maids and ushers their small gifts to be ordered. I've also ordered my wedding ring and recieved it the other day and working on chris's wedding ring. I don't know his size yet and which one he would like out of the three I picked for him, so he is going to have to let me know about that soon. I am going home in a few days over the weekend to see about the florest and get that going and also talking the reverand and organist at the church to get that all set with the music and how the service with be. I've might of forgoten a few other things, so you can see im going nuts with all this. Oh yeah my honeymoon with chris is going to be so awesome and relaxing because its on a cruise in hawaii and our room will have a balcony. His dad is working on that for us and even with the plane tickets too. Ive have to work on getting a plane ticket for chris to come home from hawaii because he is still working on his base out their. Well this is all for now that I can think of, I'll be working away today on some wedding stuff and trying to relax before work again tomorrow. I love you Chris.

Posted by crazy4/allison at 11:21 AM EST
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Sunday, 15 January 2006
It's the New Year Already!!!!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Staind- Right Here
Hello Everyone!!!
It's been a while since I have written in my blog. Christmas is over and new years is over. I got to see my Honey Chris. I enjoyed him coming to see my new apartment, and going to visit the rest of his family in Virgina and Maryland. I also got to see my family on Christmas day. Me and Chris drove all the way from Albany to Long Island on christmas day to see my family. Then drove to Virginia and Maryland the next day with alot and alot of traffic. Was suppose to be a four hour trip and it turned into a eight hour trip. I am sad now that Chris went back home to Hawaii, but I'll see him again and this time It well be our wedding when I get to see him next. Chris liked his christmas presents and he said to me that he uses the DVD player all the time and he also liked the star trek collection movies I got him. Even though he wanted me to watch them with him, I was falling asleep in the middle of some of them, lol. Chris got me alot of clothes, but they dont fit so I have to return them all, I am not petettie Chris, hehe. The dress shoes don't fit me either and the dress is very weird on how to put it on, and he doesnt have the receipts for them, hmmmmmmmmmmm what I'm I going to do. New Years was very special to me cuze I got to Kiss my honey when the ball dropped and that was my first time ever that it happend to me, thank you Chris, hehe. I also went to Washington DC to see all the monuments. That was really cool. Now I am back in Albany and working more and more. I've been having a very silly January. The oil light on the dash board was blinking so I opened the hood of my car and their was a dead squirrel in their, but my oil is fine. Then the other day I locked my keys in the car when I went to davids bridal, so triple A came and saved me. Then the snow storm came that night so the next morning I could not even open my door. I figured a way out and got it open, so I can drive to work tomorrow morning. I wounder whats going to happen next, lol. I hope that Chris would come back here. That would be really great for me. Yeah, I went to Davids Bridal and tried on four dresses and I liked three of them out of the four. Going to go back their again with more people cuze Meranda only came with me to help me put on the gowns, while everyone else was busy. Plus the wedding consultant was not that great, so I want a different one next time. I am taking another big step into getting my dress. All I need is a set date from Chris. He still doesnt know whats going on and his people don't either. I just hope I can get everything done before he goes to Iraq in a couple more months. Yesterday was our Eight Month Anniversary too, I can't believe I've known Chris this long, it feels like I have known him forever already. it feels good too because I have not been with someone this long. Ok, I think that sums some of it up a bit, I am going to go and relax before I go to bed for work in the morning. I really need more sleep. I Love You Chris, Please call me too.

Posted by crazy4/allison at 5:10 PM EST
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Wednesday, 14 December 2005
7th Month Anniversary with my Honey Chris
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: it's to cold to to play music
Hello Everyone!!!
I had a long day of work this week and yet its not Friday. Working long Ass hours and getting home late. sometimes I well go to the gym and work out for a bit and other times I just wanna sleep. I could not sleep last night, keeped on getting up almost every hour. Maybe its cuze I go into work early in the morning or maybe its cuze Chris is not next to me sleeping. It's our 7th Month Anniversary today, still wish he could be here to celebrate with me. I called him and left a message, I hope I can talk to him later on when he gets off work. He well probably remember thats its our special day today, but yet he always tells me that we have lots of anniversaries each month, but its only two. I miss talking to my Chris, but I get to see him eight more days. I can't wait to spend my first christmas time with Chris, and it well be my first time ever to celebrate it with someone I love and also on new years eve when the ball drops. It well be different because I'll be at his parents house watching the ball drop and then I get to kiss him, hehe. That never has happend to me before with anyone. I wonder what Chris got me for christmas, he would tell me like he always ends up doing and ruins the surprise. But thats alright though. I just can't wait to see him. Ok, I gotta go eat my dinner. see you all soon. I love you Chris.

Posted by crazy4/allison at 6:17 PM EST
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Sunday, 11 December 2005
my new place
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Ashley Simpson -Boyfriend
Hello Everyone!!!
It's been a while since I wrote in my blog. I have been so busy at work. After work I am so tired I just go to right to bed, but I feel like I don't get alot of sleep because of work. The weekends are better because I can sleep in unless I have to get things done I'll wake up early to get it done. Last week I moved into my bran new apartment. It's finally finished being built. It's a one bedroom apartment and very quiet. It also has a fitness center in the commmunity room, which I went to a couple of times. My apartment is almost done with all my appliances and equipment I need. Christmas is almost here too and I got all my christmas shopping done too and finished rapping the gifts. In 11 more days I am so excited because my christopher is coming home to see me and his family. He has about a two week leave time then he has to go back to Hawaii. I wish he can stay longer. I hope he well like my new place. I also get to go to virginia and maryland to visit the rest of his family and friends. That's is for right now, going to watch a life time movie now.

Posted by crazy4/allison at 3:28 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 11 December 2005 3:31 PM EST
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