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Your Reflection Awaits

My name is Jason, I am 24 and currently attending college full time. As you can probbaly guess I have a very hetic class schedule and it leaves me with little to no time to have a conventional 9-5 job. For the time being I have been doing spot jobs but that dosent quite cut it. I have finally decided, after four and a half years, that I have achieved a level of skill in mirror etching that I am willing and proud to display my work to the public and begin selling personalized and custimized mirrors. My abilitys range from simple images to extensive lettering creating names, dates, and even full length poems. I can get most any size and shape of mirror that one may desire and send the completed mirror directly to the client and in some cases I have had a client send me a mirror that they have in there poession to do the work on that and send it back. As you can see I am very flexiable and willing to work through any question or obstecal that one might inquire or encounter. If you are interested just e-mail me at the link below and I will get back to you shortly with some pic.'s of my work. Sorry that I do not have any on the site yet but there will be soon.

Thanks for coming, be sure to email me at