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Yearly Plan

This year the green bar felt some changes needed to be made in order to benefit the troop.  Meetings will be better organized and have helped scouts learn skills to help them advance.  Also we planned many new trips taking about 1 trip a month.  Last year many boys felt the hiking trips to easy.  So we want the troop to take hiking trips on the same day and the same place but the older boys may take a tougher trail than the younger boys.  A new advancement hike is planned in which we would take Amtrak down to Williamsburg and spend one day at the historic site and one day at Busch Gardens.  We also wanted to possibly change the pointsetta reward trip to Chelsea Piers in the city.  As a majority of the troop becomes older a trip to Minnesota to go to the High adventure Base Northern Tier is planned.   The trip consists of serious canoeing and camping.  You must be 13 to go.  In order to keep the troop more organized two new positions will be appointed Scribe and Troop Guide the names of the two appointees will be finalized at the first meeting.  The year looks promising and should be fun.  See you in September!