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Store Wars

Story: It's Madam Foster's Brithday and Frankie is in charge of decorations. She forgets the Streamers so Mr. Herriman sends her to the Mall. Bloo wants to come along because he does not have a presdent for Madam Foster yet. And of corse Wilt, Coco, Ed and Mac come along too. Thye run around the mall a bit, causing a lot of choas along the way. Coco keeps taking up jobs in the mall inculding working at the lost and found, at a hotdog stand and as a secuarty guard. Bloo ends up not getting the massage chair he wants so he just gives Madam Foster a bus chair and shakes it. Coco ends up getting the chair Bloo wanted to give Madam Foster. In the end Coco call Bloo a "rip-off artist" and kicks him in the shin.

Notes:The running gag here is when Bloo would call people "Rip-off artist" and kick them in the shin.
Those who didn't look close enough in the movie we learn Coco is a bird/airplane/plant thingy.

Goofs:How did the scuerty gaurds understand Coco?

Webmisstress Thoughts: I loved this episode. So chaotic! The whole rip-off artist thing was great espically the ending when Coco gave Bloo a taste of his own medicine. I laughed so hard. Great way to kick off the season.