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The Trouble With Scribbles

Story: Bloo finds a serect door and becomes obessed with it. He evntually cannot take it and just NEEDS to find out what's behind that door. He opens it and out poor hundreds of thousands of Scribbles! Which are later explained as infant thoughts. The house gets to work on gathering up the scribbles to put them back behind the serect door. But Mac doesn't fell that's right and the scribbles desvre to be free. Bloo finds out they can be helpful. They show this to the rest of the house and soon scribbles were doing everything! All the friends would just sit around and do nothing alll day long. Mr. Herriman and Mac come up with the idea that the scribbles should be put up for adoption. Soon the only one left is Bloo's raseberry-blowing scribble.

Notes:This episode has three running gags. Mr. Herrimen mentioning something like the price of freedom and Bloo giving him money saying that should cover the costs, Bloo's raseberry blowing scribble and Mac and someone else getting into an agurment about it was ther dea.
Three new chacters are inroduced: Scribbles, Clumsy and Handy.

Goofs:I didn't catch any.

Webmisstress Thoughts: This was great. I loved the raseberry blowing scribble and the ending of this episode. The flashback with Frankie opening the door was pretty cool, too. And then wehn Mac was running around saying "FREEDOM!! FREEDOM!! SCRIBBLER LIBERTY!"