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World Wide Wabbit

Laughing. “I’m sorry, but that was really funny!” Keeps laughing. -Wilt

“Said Funny Bunny, to sweet little girl.” *ping* -Mr. Herriman.

“It’s awesome!” -Bloo
“No it’s not!” -Mac

Frankie pulls out a bunch of cds after ‘dealeating’ the video.
“Are those?” -Bloo
“Yep.” - Frankie
They high-five

“No they didn’t! No they didn’t! No they didn’t!” -Mac

“That is all-ity.” - Mr. Herriman

Laughing. “I’m sorry!” Keeps laughing. - Wilt.

Laughing. “What are we laughing at?” -Madam Foster

“Ohmigosh!” - Frankie

“How would I go about becoming a member of the Funny Bunny concuil?” - Some guy

“If he sees any of it.. HE’LL EXPLODE!” - Mac


“Her!” -Bloo
“Him!” -Frankie
“ME?!?!” -Both

“My baby! My baby!” Dives into trash after computer. -Frankie

“I SHALL HAVE MY VENGCE!! Come on! Come on! Do something silly!” -Mr. Herriman

“They’re everywhere!” -Mr Herriman

“Word.” Mr. Herriman.