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Dinner Is Swerved

Coco: Coco coco.
Wilt: Coco coco..
Ed: Coco coco..
Coco: Coco.
Ed: Ce
Wilt: Yeah. I'm sorry, but the croner of a roof is not that awsome.

Bloo: You are a horrible person. You just can't appricate the simple things in life.

Mac:I gotta go soon anyway.
Bloo: Oooh! You're mommy going to be worried?
Mac: No, I want to get a better look at that corner.

Charile (Chicken leg): I was imgined by a hungry kid. It was awful for us up there, but Foster's came in and got us out ther there just in time. Terrible days those were. I still get flashbacks.

Charile: You're sick! Food imginary freinds don't eat! That's like taking down you're own.

Mac: (after ending up back on the roof) But we went down!

Bloo: What do you know! The landary shoots lead to the landary room!
Mac: Isn't that obvious?
Bloo: After what we've been through today, I don't trust anything in this house.
Mac: Good point.

Bloo: What if..
Mac: What?
Bloo: No.. I must be crazy!
Mac: What?
Bloo: What if this house is an imginary freinds..
Mac: Yeah?
Bloo: And it EATS CLOTHS!
Mac: You're right.
Bloo: What?
Mac: You are crazy.

Bloo:Hey I just got a amazing idea.
Mac:You're going to eat socks?
Bloo (sarcastic):Yes I'm going to eat socks.