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The Trouble With Scribbles

Bloo: Serect door! Serect Door! Serect door!

Mac: Donít get all crazy ocver that Serect door.
Bloo: Donít worry! Itís the last thing on my mind. Door you gotta go Mac? (pushes him out the door)
Mac: What?
Bloo: Serect later, Mac! (slams door)

Bloo: Iím more the serect door type myself!

Bloo:I just got back from the other side of the house and what is up with Serect doors?

Rocking chair friend: So you wanna know the story of the serect or the serect door?
Bloo: Uh-HUH!
Rocking chair: Down the hall, past the third corridor on the left..
The third corridor?
Rocking chair: Yep. Up two flights of stairs, something happened. And we swore weíd never speak of it again.
Bloo: Thatís the story of the serect of the serect door?
Rocking Chair friend: Nope. The real story is MUCH MUCH better. But a pack, is a pack.

(Flashback. We see many scribbles and amoung them Mr. Herriman, Madam Foster and Frankie.)
Frankie:Sowwy Madam Foster.
(End flashback) Frankie: What? I said I was sowwy.

Frankie: Please be the toilet scrubber...
Bloo: Please.. please.. please..
Scribble: (blows a raseberry)