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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Story: Mac's mom is forcing Mac to get rid of Bloo, because for some reason she thinks he's too old for an Imaginary Friend. But Mac doesn't WANT to get rid of Bloo! Bloo finds out about Foster's and the two of them head over there to beg Mr. Herriman to let Bloo stay! There they meet Wilt, Ed, Frankie and Coco and get a tour of the house. They decide that Bloo could just stay there and there problems would be solved! It's explained to them that if Bloo stays at Foster's, he will be adopted, unless Mac is there. But Mac agrres and leaves, promising he'd come back after shcool. Ducthess and Terrence come up with an idea to get rid of Bloo. Terrence locks Mac in a closet and goes to adopt Bloo while evryone else is distracted by an relased Extremeasaur. Everyone works together to go and save Bloo. When they get back, Mac and Bloo meet Madam Foster. Madam Foster decides that she'll let Bloo stay at Foster's and nt be up for adoption as long as Mac comes and vists everyday.

Notes:We meet Bloo, Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Mr. Herriman, Frankie, Madam Foster, Terrence and Duchess
Obvisous Pac-Man refence in the junkyard.
Mojo Jojo makes an appernce.
This is most likely the longest pilot episode for a kid's animated series in the history of TV. (COOL! XD)

Goofs:When it says it's four o' clock at Foster's, they switch to Max in the closet. The clock radio says it's 3:45.

Webmisstress Thoughts: This is a great way to kick off the seris. Wilt did great in this episode! *claps* "Hallways, Hallways. Always! Hallways." (I think I'll metion Wilt in most of these little review things. Wilt is really cool, afterall!)