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Episode Guide

Season One
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Tv Movie: Ran Aug 13 2004

1. Store Wars: Ran Aug 20 2004

2. The Trouble with Scribbles: Ran Aug 27 2004

3. Busted: Ran Sept 03 2004

4. Dinner Is Swerved: Ran Sept 10 2004

5. World Wide Wabbit: September 17, 2004

6. Berry Scary: To run this week. (A new freind named Berry falls in love with Bloo and tires to get Mac out of the picture.)

7. Adoptcalypse Now: Unran (Mac and Bloo try to save their freinds from Adoption)

8. Seeing Red: Unran {Terrence gets an idea to create a new freind named Red to beat Bloo.}

9. Phone Home: Unran

10. Bloooooo: Unran (After they watch a scary movie, Wilt and Ed think there's a ghost in the house.)

11. Partying Is Such Sweet Soriee: Unran

12. Sight For Sore Eyes: Unran

14. Who Let the Dogs In?: Unran