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Story: All of Mr. Herriman's rules are driving Bloo crazy! But he ends up breaking Madam Foster's Bust. So he and the gang come up with all sorts of schemes to fix it and not get busted for breaking the bust. They try to put it together using toothpaste, makeing a copy of it out of soap and even using the real Madam Foster to replace the broken bust, along the way really messing up Frankie's day. Eventually they sneak into Mr. Herriman's office to get some glue. Frankie catches them so they knock her out and throw her into the closet. They leave and fix the bust. But then Bloo just ends up breaking the fixed bust right in front of Mr. Herriman! Bloo is taken to his office where Mr. Herriman gives him a new bust to replace the broken one. Bloo is shocked they went through all that trouble to fix the bust when busting it wasn't such a big deal. Just then Frankie wakes up and knocks down all the busts in the closet. Bloo runs out and Frankie starts to chase Mr. Herriman around the room in a rage.

Notes:Bust means Sculpture of the head and upper torso.
Mr. Herriman opens his eye that's always closed in this erpisode for the first time.

Goofs:Nothing I caught.

Webmisstress Thoughts: Another great Foster's! My favorite part to have been the ending yet again.