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Bloo is a crazy cerulean (yes, that's my opoion on his color) blob! Well, he might not be totally crazy, but sometimes it sure seems like it. He's a total goofball and always causing trouble that others usually have to help him out of. When Mac's (his creator) mother tells him he needs to get rid of Bloo, Bloo comes up with going to Foster's. A deal is eventually arranged for him to live there and never be up for adoption.


"Oh no. I am lost. Where is Mac? Oh look. A trail of cloths. I will follow it."
{pause and footsteps.}
"Oh look. Mac, I have found you. Thank you helpful trail of cloths. I love you."


"This is my jam! Whoo whoo!"

"Oh! Bloo wants Chicke tonight! You look so fingy licky good!"