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I.N.T.R.O.D.U.C.I.N.G:: ..t.h.e..i.m.p..

I.N.T.R.O.D.U.C.I.N.G:: ..t.h.e..i.m.p..


A LiL soMetHin AbOUt mE

Blonde-Blue eyed Canadian-German chick that kicks ass in Athletics n Academics. I got my self-esteem sky high, my health, my respect, my family, my friends, my love, and my God... and thats all i need.

This is the love of my life. He means the world to me, I love you so much. We have so much fun together, you're really my best friend. We have so many awesome memories. We do sorts of crazy stuff. My love for you is strong. B&S


Dorkii Bubblez, my dearest child!!! haha we have so much fun. You really are my closest girl. So many laughs and good times. Im the white girl amongst all Asians... Fab 5 forever!!!!

Gay Raffiah! Dude much love for ya bro... lol Yes the paki and the Canadian (me). You are too hysterical. We always have fun messing around like 3rd graders... I wouldnt have it any other way.

My little David. Always there for me and hardworking... the little overachiever lol. Never let anyone take advantage of you, I got your back. We made you one of us... now your cursing and everything... thats Raffiahs fault lol Fab 5 4ever