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Shaumily's Reviews

Shaumily Farell... WE ROCK!!! So, wanna know good from bad, but wanna be able to make up your own mind about it??? Well... TOO BAD!! Shaumily knows all, Shaumily is best and will tell best, and will tell you what is good and what sucks, whose hot and whose not, SO LISTEN UP BIATCHES!!! Don't forget that Mike Shinoda is GOD!! Okay, so.... THE REVIEWS!!!! MUSIC Alexisonfire Ashanti Avril Lavigne B2K Beastie Boys Billy Talent Creed Fat Joe Good Charlotte G-Unit Hillary Duff Jennifer Lopez Lil' Bow Wow Lil' Romeo Linkin Park Omarion Simple Plan The Strokes Usher TELEVISION SpongeBob SquarePants The Simpsons Family Guy The Ali G. Show

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