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My Favorite Places to be a FREAK!


Young Frankenstein
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Transylvania 6-5000
The Addams Family
Click Here to Read the Original Script to THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!!! (the play that made the movie)
Click Here to Read the Script to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!

11/14 Horray!!!! I am now featured on two websites. Mine, and another in which there is just a picture with me in it. Site is: www.myfavoriteobsession.org
This is the homepage of the theatre company that performed RHPS LIVE in weaverville a few weeks ago. As it happens, they do monthly performances of RHPS in Redbluff, California. They are a total riot. They're performances include EXCELLENT pre show games, fair costumes, and some random flashing. wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wi- OW I BLEW A DAMN BLOOD VESSEL!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahaha. Check their site for performance dates and times.

10/31 Happy Halloween!!! I can't believe how many hits my site has gotten in the past couple of weeks. I've had it for almost one year and I didn't get one hundred hits until last August. Now my site's been visited four times that in just a couple of weeks. You tolerate me, you really tolerate me!

10/20 Okay, so in case you haven't noticed. My site is a little different. In the sense of:

A)You can actually read the text now

B)Elvira has taken a break and has been replaced with the transylvanians.

C) The castle has gone toodles and has been replaced with instructions on how to do the time warp.

D)And Finally, I've added this update.

One thing however has not changed, I still don't care what people think about me.

Oh Yeah!!!! Here are the known Rocky Horror showings for the Northern California Area:

Trinity Theatre, Weaverville, @ midnight. Dressing is allowed and props (such as rice and water pistols) are encouraged.

10/5 My questionable briliance even astonishes me!!! hurry up and CLICK HERE!!!
to take my rocky horror quiz and find out which character you are.hahahahahahaha

9/26 Oh MY GOD!!!! Everybody has to visit

RHPS in Thirty Seconds with Bunnies!!.
This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen! It's the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show reenacted by cartoon bunnies in a thirty second time span! LOL. They're Exorcist parody is pretty good too!

9/2 Hey Horror Fans, I've got some new gifts for you.....As if I've ever given you anything.....Okay, so if you ever go to http://www.elvira.com , you will probably have wandered across what she calls her "SONIC SAMPLER." It includes a bunch of sound clips played through Quicktime Player and it takes forever to get to, if you don't know where it is. So, below you will find DIRECT Link addresses to instantly access these songs. To access the following songs, just click on them and they will open in a new window. THIS IS COMPLETELY LEGAL!!! In fact, I should get a commision for this shit.



Elvira's Monsta Rap.

Elvira's Haunted House.

8/18 I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK Okay, so take a wander around my site and explore the world of funny horror!!!

5/12/05 Okay, bad news, I won't be able to update my site until august. Sorry. Check back for new stuff then

4/05 Welcome to My Site. I has changed a little. It used to be strictly a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW/ YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN site. It is now a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW/YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN/ELVIRA/TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000/The Addams Family site. You can view my two new photo galleries above.

Unpleasant Dreams.

My Favorite Haunts

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