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umm Roch's web page thingy???

My favourite Actors

Web sites where you can get info on them

Adam Sandler's official site
James Marsters' official site
Tom Felton's official site
Drew Barrymore
want to know more about the guy behind the slow curve? then go here!!
Emma Caulfield's official site
Eliza Dushku's official site
Hilary Duff's not quite sure if its official site
the best i could do for Alyson Hannigon
a fan site for Callan Mulvey (again best i could do)

thanku come again, nah seriosuyl i do wanna thank Adam Sandler for tellin me how to make a page and Hannah for umm being Hannah. All the people above u can find the pics of now lol i hope so yeh engoy. (typos rnt gonna be fixed, Peter woke me up, deal with it) ok well the main thing is i TRIED to get sum pics here, ill put one of adam sandler up the top considering he's my absolute fave, someone email me, and inform me how do i get images here? and remember- hugs not drugs