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<3 My Baby <3

*%* S.p.E.c.I.a.L...S.h.O.u.T.o.U.t *%*

This special shoutout is for my baby. Those of you that dont know who My baby is, his name is Josh Robert Edward Koehler. Josh today is 1/29/05, Yesterday we had been together for 7-months. I have been happier these past 7-month then I have ever been in my whole entire life.I have never found a guy like you before, that actual cares about me, and accepts me. You are so sweet, and I hope that we are together forever. I couldnt picture my life with out you in it. I cant wait till June so I can finally see my baby. Well talk to you later baby, Dont forget to miss me, think about me cause I am always thinkin of you, And remember dont find anyone else cause you mine DAMNIT. LOL, Love you bunches, Hugs & Kisses!! Later...