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~^~ Some of My Poem's ~^~

"I Hope you Feel the same"

I ask my self so many questions
But there are 3 that pop up every time
I dont know why
I mean I trust you alot

The first question I ask myself is
Do you truely love me?
I mean you tell me you do, and I want to believe it
And I know I love you more then anything

The seconde question I ask myself is
Have you or are you going to cheat on me?
You've done it before and you tell me you want do it again
I will never cheat on you, and I want to believe you want do it again

The third question I ask myself is
Are you truely happy with me?
I dont want to make you feel like your missing out on life
I am happier with you then I have ever been, and I hope you are too

With all that said baby
I love you with all my heart and soul
I trust you, and I want us to be together forever
And I hope you feel the same

"Always and Forever"

I hope you know
How much I love you
I love you so much
Words there self could never explain

Baby you are what makes
My world go round
You make me so happy
And I hope this never changes

When I think or picture
My life without you in it
All I can do is cry
But, I think I know why

I want to be with you
Always and forever
There is no one else
That I want to spend all my life with


My life used to be so blah
But scence you entered my heart
Everything has changed
Cause now you are a big part

I used to hardly smile
But now I smill all the time
I cant help it
Your always on my mind

I used to feel like a nobody
People treated me like shit
But scence I met you
I now fell like I am somebody

"I miss you"

Well now our lives have gotten harder
I can only talk to you 2 days
Man I dont know what to do
Baby, omg I miss you so much

I now have longer days
I just wait until those 2 days
That I finally get to talk to you
But, thats not good enough

When we finally get to talk
Its for such a short time
Then I have to miss you all over again
I hate missing you

I feel like its all my fault
Cause I always made you
Stay on the phone to long
So, my punishment is missing you

Now when you say good bye
It hurts 10 times as much
As it used to
Cause now I have to miss you

I wish I could change this
And I know I cant
So until the next phone call
Remember I miss you

"Don't Leave Me"

OMG... She called today
I am so scared
I hope you don't leave me
I love you way to much

Please don't fall for her again
Cause I have already fell for you
And I can't get back up
I love you please don't leave me

If I lose you
I don't Know what I am going to do
I need you so much
I love you Please, Please... Don't leave me

You've stoll my heart
I want you to keep it
I dont want it back
I love you so much Please, don't leave me

You say you want leave me for her
I just hope thats true
I trust you, its her I don't trust Baby, Please don't leave me

"I lost you"

We are no longer together
But, damn I can't get you out of my head
I love you so much
All I think about is if we will ever be together again

I can't believe how bad it hurts
To lose you
To not be with you
Damn it hurts so bad

As I sit here Listening to our song
I think about how things used to be
I was so happy then
Now, all I have are memorys

I don't care what happens
My heart will always belong to you
And no matter what
I will always love you

"I never want us to be apart"

6 Months have passed
We have been through alot
And we are still together
And I couldnt be happier

Enen though I screwed up at times
You were always there for me 100%
Your the greatest and
I'm so lucky to have met you

Words alone could never explain the way I feel
Becuase meeting a person like you seems so unreal
I know at times I dont show it
But believe me its nothing less then true

I've lost you so many times
And it was like a nightmare
I thought to myself this is so unfair
How could you do this to me

Now your mine again
And I'm never letting go
So PLEASE dont break my heart
Cause I never ever want us to be Apart

"Its so Hard"

I know its wrong
But I cant help thinking
That I'm going to lose you
But if I do ... I just dont know what I'll do

Its not that I dont trust you
I trust you very much
I'm just scared you'll find someone better
And I just cant picture you with anyone else

I just wish June would hurry up
Because I know that when I meet you face to Face
We will know that we are ment to be
And you will never leave me

So untill then
I cant promise not to think
About you leaving me
Because its so Hard

"My Days without you"

The days I have to spend without you
Get more and more painful each day
I know it sounds childish
But believe me its ture

I know I get to see you soon
But that still doesnt eaise my pain
And you just dont know how bad it is
But I will evently get over it

Dont think That I cant wait
Because believe me
Your way more then worth it
I just hat my days without you

"Your worth the pain"

Here I am again sitting here all alone
Waiting to talk to you
After all my day has sucked
And you always make it better

Hour after hour I sit here
Minute after minute I lay here
Second after second I wait here
For your call, man I miss you so much

I just wish you were here
My life would be totally perfect
You would be here whenever I needed you
And all my worry would fly away

At times I just think I cant wait any longer
But then I think real hard about how much I love you
Even thought the pain might still be here
I know that it will all be worth it soon...

"They dont understand..."

All they do is lecture me
They dont and never will understand
How hard it is
To not be able to hold the one you love

They say Rita you over reacting
Your only sixteen and hes only fifteen
You dont even know what Love is
So get over it

I try not to let it get to me
But I just get so flustrated
Cause I hardly ever talk to him and I cant see him till June
Its just so Hard

I mean they get to talk to the one they love every day
Then they get to see them basicaly whenever they wanna
I just feel that they have know right to lecture me
Cause They jsut dont understand

"I'm Sorry"

I am so sad
There is no way I can get that mad
I hate that I lose my temper
I dont like the way I am

I just feel
Like I cant so anything right
I feel you hate me
Maybe it would me better if I died tonight

Its always about me
Stop being stupid
Lose some weight
Is there anything you like about me?

Your not perfect
Neither am I
I want to be perfect
But that will never Happen

I wish you knew how much I love you
I wish I could be the person you want to be
I wish I made you happy
So from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry!!!

"The Pain"

I dont know how to describe
The pain I feel
I just think about all the things
That I have totally messed up

I mean look at me
I am like the fattest person
I am so Ugly
But who cares

I just want to die
I hate pain
Sometimes I just wish
I could throw my hands up and quit

Life is just too hard sometimes
I dont think I can take
Another minute
Another hour

So then I think about
How much my mom does
To make me happy
Now I want to keep goin

"Your My Hero"

Her name is Nellie
But, I have always called her Mommy
She's the greatest
And believeme it shoes

My daddy was never there... NEVER
But, no worrys my mommy was
With a mommy like mine
Who could need a daddy

She was always there from day one
Playing both rolls of mommy and daddy
Thats got to be so hard
But, if no one else can do it, she sure can

She was the one there when I was sick
She was the one there when I was sad
She was the one there when I was mad
To comfort me and asure me everything would be ok

She was there when I took my first step
She was there when I spoke my first word
She was there on my first day of school
To support me and asure me I was the best

Even though I screw up at times
She loves me unconditionly
And never makes me fell
Anything less then perfect

With all that said
Mommy I love you with all my heart and soul
With out you in my life I dont know where I would be
So whenever you feel sad, or mad always know your My ... HERO

*#*I wrote all of these poem's myself, and I just thought that I would share them with you, if you dont like them then who care's dont read them, they came from my heart so that all that mater's, Most of them are about Josh, and then some about the way I feel about myself sometimes, and then some about my mom!! When ever I get upset about something I write poems, its a great way to express your feelings, Well ok If you do like them dont be dumb and take them cause I will know cause I wrote them DURH commen scence!!! Ok Later*#*