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Mary's Web page
         This Web site is designed to introduce you to myself, Mary Alice Foxx. I am a second year student at Central Carolina Community College. In December 2004, I will graduate with a associates degree in Human Service Technology. My cumulative GPA is 3.63. After graduation my hope is to be employed with an agency that helps people with their everyday basic needs.
        I was lucky enough to be part of a large family. There were  eleven  of us, four girls and seven boys. My family has always been very supportive of me, and has always helped me when there was a need. I am the first of my family to attend college, so this has not just been an experience for me,  it has been an experience for my entire family. I am the proud parent of two great children. A daughter, Natasha Armstrong, and a son Mario Armstrong. I also have two grandchildren, TiShawn and Kera.